EPT Ultrasound Guidelines and Policies

EPT Ultrasound Credentials

Credentialing for limited diagnostic ultrasound procedures is internally regulated by EPT. Diagnostic studies include EFAST, RUSH, Echo, Chest, Ocular…

  • If you are uncertain of your credentials please reach out to Matt Jones or Andrea Courney. Per the EPT US Policy, full diagnostic ultrasound privileges are granted to physicians completing residency in or after 2005. Advanced Certification (ARDMS) and Practice-Based pathways are also acceptable ways to attain full diagnostic credentials.

  • If you are interested in obtaining full diagnostic credentials or improving skills please feel free to contact me directly. All providers are welcome to join our fellow and resident US Rounds as well.

  • Procedural ultrasound guidance is a separate use for ultrasound and strongly encouraged whenever appropriate. Providers may archive images and bill for ultrasound guidance for any procedure in which the physician is credentialed. These procedures include vascular access, paracentesis, pericardiocentesis, thoracentesis…

ACEP Policies (for reference)

Emergency Ultrasound Standard Reporting Guidelines, April 2011

Standard Reporting Guidelines: Ultrasound for Procedure Guidance, May 2015

Emergency Ultrasound Imaging Criteria Compendium, 2014

2015 ACEP EUS Coding and Reimbursement Update