Ultrasound Fellowship

Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement

Resident Scanning Feedback

Intro and Directions for Fellows

  • Please read and become familiar with the EPT Ultrasound Guidelines and Policies

  • Fellows will review and provide feedback for 10 resident ultrasound cases per month.

  • The list of MRNs for the cases will be provided by the QA Director

  • The feedback will be uniform and follow the template below

  • The feedback will be sent in a message via the EPIC inbox

  • Please CC fellowship faculty (Jones, Byars, Knapp) and the supervising attending on all cases reviewed

Template note for feedback

Ultrasound Quality Assurance Feedback

MRN: ***

Date of Service: ***

Exam Type: ***

Image Quality: ***

Appropriate Images: ***

Appropriate use of a procedure note: ***

Documentation: ***

Additional Feedback: ***

Action Required: ***

***(Your Name Here)***

@TD@, @NOW@

This information constitutes a privileged communication not subject to disclosure under Virginia Code Section 8.01-581.16 and 17 absent a court order from a Virginia Circuit Court in accordance with the foregoing statutes. This information may likewise be privileged pursuant to health care provider-patient privilege and should not be re-disclosed absent legally valid authorization to do so.

Please feel free to join us at anytime for educational rounds. https://www.ultrasoundidiots.com/us-rounds

How to give feedback

  • Feedback is meant to be constructive and helpful

  • This is a good opportunity to educate and inspire interest

  • Recommend using Dragon Dictation for efficiency purposes

How to address significant errors or problems  

  • Please notify QA Director for any cases that raise concern regarding proper standard of practice or patient care.

  • Please notify QA Director for any cases in violation of the EPT Ultrasound Guidelines and Policies