Independent Resident Scanning at SNGH

  • The times provided on the schedule indicate when ultrasound faculty are available in the department to provide general guidance and feedback.  
  • Residents will follow the same structure as rounds while scanning independently. 
  • To reserve time, please send an email to 


Tips for Independent Scanning

  • Documenting Educational Studies

    • under patient's last name: YYMMDD##_Exam Type

      • Example: The second study of the day on Jan 4, 2018 is Limited echo. Under the patient's last name should appear 18010402_echo

    • In the box titled "user" put your epic ID. After your name, place a comma and then add the epic ID of the faculty attending that is working with you. 

  • This is a great opportunity to practice difficult exams and measurements. You have plenty of time and the faculty are nearby to help.

  • Focus on cases where there is a clinical question. Make an assessment and use your scan to confirm or dispute your diagnosis. 

  • Early morning is generally not a good time to scan. Usually the department has filled up with plenty of pathology by noon. 

  • Don't scan more than 3 hours. Usually two hours of worth scanning is all that is available at any given time on a busy day. 

  • Be cognizant of your colleagues while they work. Help out whenever possible and do not ever delay care.   

  • Raise the bed.

  • Increase the gain.

  • Make sure the machine is clean and plugged in when not in use.

  • Dress professionally.