Common QA Issues


  • Please use a separate procedure note for your ultrasound procedures. This helps the coders identify the procedures.

  • Delayed note completion is an ongoing issue. Opening a procedure note when the order is placed will help to ensure that you do not forget. Otherwise, expect multiple emails if you forget the note.

  • Please use m-mode for fetal heart rate when doing pelvic ultrasounds. There is a theoretical risk of heating tissue with prolonged exposure to PWD. This is especially important in the first trimester. M-mode is post processing and does not involve any additional energy transmission to the tissue. If you do not know how to use m-mode, feel free to contact me.

  • Vascular access images do not require an image of the needle or catheter in the vessel. An image of the vessel is all that is needed.

  • Make sure that you document what you scan. For example, if you do a limited echo and then scan the lungs for B-lines, you should document limited echo and limited chest.

  • All resident scans need attending documentation for supervision. The documentation can be included with the resident supervision note under procedures. You can also use the following note below as a quick note.  

    ED Resident Ultrasound Supervision Note

    I have reviewed and interpreted the ultrasound images and agree with the documentation of the resident physician.